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A special relationship
ESCOFET has successfully matured its line of products over the years, focusing on design as an essential component of its innovation and creation process. Always ahead of its time, this family firm with a global projection has fostered synergies with other industrial sectors under the banner of shoulder-to-shoulder work as a methodology. Today, as always, Escofet's deeply rooted design philosophy has generated considerable empathy amongst leading figures in the world of design and architecture, from Gaudí to a list of over one hundred famous names.

Escofet is convinced that there is an unavoidable need to work with multidisciplinary teams of consultant architects, designers and artists who can reinterpret each process and each material over and over again until they produce results that enable us to generalize new solutions and promote a more stimulating generation of products.
A&M Arquitectura
Adolf Florensa
Albert Puigdomènech
Albert Viaplana + Helio Piñón
aldayjover, arquitectos
Alexander Lotersztain
Alexandre de Ríquer
Alfredo Arribas
Alonso - Balaguer, arquitectes associats
André Lompreta - De Fournier & Associados
Àngels Colom
Antoni Gaudí
Antoni Sala
Antonio Montes
Arata Isozaki
Arkitema Architects
Arriola&Fiol, arquitectes
b720 Arquitectos
BAAS arquitectura
BCQ Arquitectes
Bernard Tschumi
Berta Barrio
Bonaventura Bassegoda
Broadway Malyan Arquitectos & Designers
Bruno Reichlin
Buro Poppinga
Caballero+Colón de Carvajal, estudio de arquitectura
Carlos Torrento
Carlos M. Albornoz
Carme Pinós
Corinne Vezzoni et Associés
Craig P. Verzone
Cristina Woods
Cruz y Ortiz
Daniel Mòdol, DMDEAU
David Chipperfield
Diego Fortunato
díez+díez diseño
Eduardo Arroyo
Elías Torres y J.A. Martínez-Lapeña
Elin Olsson
Eloi Juvila
EMBT Arquitectes
emiliana design studio
Emilio Tuñón
Enric Pericas
Enric Moya
Enric Steegmann i Garcia
Escofet_ lab
Espinet·Ubach, arquitectes
Esteve Bonell
Estrella Ordoñez
EXP architectes
Federico Correa
Fernandez, arquitectos
Francisco Javier Rodriguez
fündc, fün design consultancy
Gae Benedito - Benedito Design
GBR Arquitectes
Gemma Bernal
Gerard Arqué
Gonzalo Milá
H.Yuste / M.Fortuño / F.Mesonero (AMB)
Hector Yuste
Helio Piñón
Iñaki Abalos
isuuru arquitectos
J. Fabre i Oliver
Jansana, de la Villa, de Paauw, arquitectes
Jaume Artigues
Jean Nouvel
Jean François Erhel
Joan Tenas Torres
Joan Miró
Joan Claudi Minguell
Joan Francesc Serra Andreu
Jordi Henrich
José Rafols
José Ignacio Gutiérrez López - Vázquez
José R. Coleman-Davis Pagán, arquitectos
Josep Muxart
Josep Lluscá
Josep Urgell
Josep Puig i Cadafalch
Josep Pascó
Josep Llobet i Bach
Josep Rosselló i Til
Josep Ferrando, arquitecte
Josep M. Pericas
Juan Herreros
Juan Carlos Inés
Juan Ignacio del Rio y Coll
Junquera arquitectos
Jørn Utzon
L35 Arquitectes
La Ville Rayée
Latz + Partner
Leopoldo Milá
Lluís Domenech i Montaner
Lola Domènech
Luanco, Duthilleul, Legrand architects
Makoto Fukuda
Mansilla + Tuñón
Manuel Ruisánchez
Manuel Fonseca Gallego
Manuel Carrilero de la Torre
Mar Escala - Projecte Urbans Habitat Urbà
Marc Aurel
Màrius Quintana
Martín Almiñana
Martín Caneda
Martirià Figueras
MBM Arquitectes
Mercè Llopis
michèle i miquel, arquitectes
Miguel Milá
Miquel Roig
Montse Periel
Mª Pilar Lavilla
Nahtrang Disseny
Nataniel Fuster
Normand Cinnamon
Olga Tarrasó
Oscar Tusquets
Pau Sierra
Pau Casaldàliga
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
Pepe Gascón
Pere Riera
Pere Cabrera
Pere Puig
Philippe Kauffmann
Pich-Aguilera, arquitectes
Piere Raoux
Rafael Masó
Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
Ramon Forcada
Ramon Farré-Escofet
Ramon Benedito
Ramón Úbeda & Otto Canalda
Ravetllat · Ribas, arquitectes
Ribas & Ribas
Ricardo Bofill
Richard Rogers, Partnership
Rmp stephan lenzen landschafsarchitekten
Roselló-Sangenís, arquitectes
Sabaté Associats
Saeta Estudi
Salvador Fàbregas
Santiago Marco
SCOB arquitectes
Sergi Godia
Serra&delaRocha disseny
Toyo Ito
Ursula Kurtz
Vicente Corell
Vincent Guillermin
Xavier Isart
Josep Muxart
Josep Muxart was born in Barcelona in 1962. He graduated as an architect from the Barcelona School of Architecture, and began his career in 1992. ...more
Ricardo Bofill
Ricardo Bofill, one of Spain's most internationally renowned architect, was born in Barcelona in 1939. He began his studies at the Barcelona Schoo...more
Inspired by the shapes of the perimeter bank designed by Antoni Gaudí and Josep Maria Jujol for Güell Park in Barcelona, this bench makes the most of all the laten...more
Blow up
BLOW UP is a reinforced cast stone bench that reveals its form and geometry through the powerful presence of its volume. It provides a comfortable...more
FUL is a street light series with a conical section and variable curvature, providing considerable freedom to optimise their orientation and create a formal result...more
Basilica Sagrada Familia
This great project is so excepcional that it has brought into being a unique process in which innovation and experimentation have led to new structural and constru...more
L9 Station - Bon Pastor
The cladding proposal for the “Bon Pastor” station on Barcelona´s Metro Line 9 involves the use of a single material as its conceptual language: cast stone panels ...more
Vilablareix Urban Gardens
Vilablareix (Girona province) has planned for residential growth to the south of the old town centre. The characteristic productive landscape here is an mosaic of ...more

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