Superblocks Leaflet 2020

Download the new Superblocks Leaflet to see how this model organizes the city in such a way that pedestrians recover the streets

Our case study:

We analyzed the program “Let’s fill the streets with life. The implementation of the Superblock Model in Barcelona” a city project by Barcelona City Council. This city project is targeted at improving the lives of pedestrians and sustainable mobility.

What is the "superblock"?

A Super-block is a new urban organisational unit measuring about 400 x 400 metres which, when implemented, provides solutions to the main dysfunctions associated with mobility, while also improving the availability and quality of public space for pedestrians.

What kind of learnings do you get with this white paper?

Tactical and strategic actions from the Barcelona City Council. Learn their referents and documentation level that inspire them to propose this solution.

You will also get a list of the most adaptable urban furniture solutions for each by functionality and context.

Download this whitepaper and learn about this new urban solution that combines urban planning and mobility planning to return public space to the citizens.