Jaume Artigues

Architecture degree course at the Barcelona School of Architecture (1982) Degree in architecture, honours in urban planning (1988). Architect with the Barcelona City Council Urban Projects Service (1989-1993). In 1987 he opened the ARR architects studio (1987-1998), initially with Jordi Romero and Miquel Roig, now in partnership with Jordi Henrich, specializing in projects for public spaces and public buildings. He has designed several public spaces in Barcelona in collaboration with Olga Tarrasa, Jordi Henrich, Miquel Roig and others, primarily the public space system on the Barceloneta Seafront Promenade (1992-1995). He has designed and built Mataró Central Park (1995-2002) with ARR Architects Studio; Rambla del Raval (1995-2000) for Foment de Ciutat Vella, in collaboration with Pere Cabrera; and as Head Engineer at GRECCAT SL engineering consultants, Cambó Avenue, Porta Cambó and Old Quarter Gardens (2004-2006), built with EU Old City reform funds. He has authored numerous projects for public facilities including Clavé Theatre in Tordera (1991-1999) with ARR Architects Studio; several public housing buildings for PMB; Ignacio Iglesias School in Cornella for GISA (2004 -2008) and the City Police Barracks in Gràcia for BIMSA (2002-2008). Several of his urban reform projects are currently under construction, including the third stage of the Barceloneta Seafront Promenade and Plaza del Mar, public spaces for the New Entrance to the Barcelona Harbour,and Oriol Martorell Gardens in Sarrià-Via Augusta, all in conjunction with Jordi Henrich.

He is currently working on several urban projects including Reforms to Via Laietana in Barcelona, Aerospace and Mobility Park in Viladecans, as a member of a team, "h+n+s Landschapsarchitectes - AAUP, Jordi Romero i Associats, SLP - Jansana, de la Villa, de Paaw, arquitectes SL - Taller d’Enginyeria Ambiental, SL - Jordi Henrich” selected for the second round in the Competition for North Part, Management Centre Plan in El Prat de Llobregat, a new 150 ha urban expansion area. His street furniture designs include the Tram Planter (with Miquel Roig), Santa & Cole, light posts including the Ful model (with Peter Cabrera), and the Kanya model (with Jordi Henrich and Miquel Roig) and the Levit bench, all for Escofet. He makes regular contributions to the sculptural and urban installation work by the Benet Rossell-Cristina Giorgi team of artists. His work has been distinguished with the 1996 FAD Prize for Stage 1 of the the Barceloneta Seafront Promenade, finalist in the "IV Spanish Architecture Biennale, 1996" (Madrid), the Civil Engineering Diploma in the 1997 Construmat (Barcelona), and it was selected for the Oscar Tusquets Foundation 2005 Decade Award (Barcelona).

In 2002 he was a finalist in the Quality Municipal Spaces and Facilities Awards (Barcelona Provincial Government); in 2004 he won the Maresme Architecture Triennial Prize (Barcelona) in the public spaces category; and an ex-aequo Prize in the 2005 Bonaplata Awards, Science Museum study category, for his research into the history of architecture. His landscape work has been finalists in the "Ist Rosa Barba European Landscape Award of the 1st Biennial of Landscape" in 2000 and selected for the Second European Landscape Biennial 2001. He has lectured on Barcelona public spaces, and his landscape work and urban projects in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Granada, Alicante and Ibiza have been exhibited in several Spanish cities.

He has been a visiting lecturer at the Massana School of Industrial Design and the Barcelona School of Architecture, Project Complements IV: "Urban space." In 1996 he presented several papers at the 19th International Union of Architects Congress. His work has been published in numerous architecture and art magazines and books in Spain and abroad, including "Topos", "Steel", "BCN Contemporary Spaces," Megapole art, architecture, urbanism, ""Barcelona architecture guide, "Landscape Design", "Area", "ON"...

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