Escofet has been renowned since its foundation for its innovative designs and its synergy with the leading artists and designers of every period. The quality of our company's output, a true reflection of contemporary artistic trends, has been rewarded with the 1992 National Design Prize and three ADI-FAD Golden Deltas, in 1961, 1975, 2001 and 2018. Escofet is reaping the fruits of its timeless products that meet the requirements of constantly evolving city spaces.



 Satellite, elemento paisajístico y mobiliario urbano, de Gerard Arqué y Martin Caneda

The iF DESIGN Award, have awarded the Satellite landscape furniture in our catalogue by Gerard Arqué and Martin Caneda in the Public Category. The design proposes a new way to use and occupy urban space, replacing the rigid linear, traditional arrangements with more flexible alternatives that facilitate spontaneous, gregarious relations in varied contexts, such as parks, seafronts and viewpoints.

Satellite es una plataforma de asiento que se usa como una tumbona individual o compartida.

The Satellite platform has been awarded a Silver Delta in the Outdoor Equipment category awarded by the ADI-FAD. Satellite has been awarded for "being a new way of sitting collectively, in an organic and informal way in public space." It embodies a border concept between a landscape element and urban furniture. Its formal design, in a contemporary style and with rounded lines, generates a skin wrap that is transformed into a sophisticated, ergonomic back.

Alpine sustainable bench ecodesign

The Alpine bench has been awarded with the First Ecodesign Prize 2019. These awards, promoted by the Catalan Ecodesign Strategy, seek to incorporate environmental criteria to achieve more sustainable, safer and less toxic products. Alpine, with an attractive and timeless design, uses friendly materials, combining Eco-Grey® or Eco-Black® recycled concrete and FSC® certified wood. It has been conceived to facilitate its reparability, thus extending its useful life.

Trébol - Gold Delta Award 2018 Adi-fad

The Trébol tile has been awarded with the Gold Delta Award 2018 in the category of Outdoor Habitat, a prize given by the ADI-FAD (Industrial Design Association). This pavement reveals an interpretation of nature of exciting reductionism and high poetic intent. The plasticity of its design allows aggregations in hexagonal tiling. Jury verdict: "For a mediterranean and organic design that is identified as a barcelonian neomodernism and that shows the relevance of decorative pavement use in urban furniture."


The Landezine International Landscape Awards or LILA, have awarded the Wide luminaire in our catalogue by Ton Riera in the Product Category. The wide range of heights and configurations, as well as the versatility of its modules and optics, ensure that it is suitable for a wide variety of urban environments, with optimum and precise light distribution at night and a discreet presence during the day.

Aparcabicicletas Raval

The Raval bicycle rack was one of the four finalists of the first edition of the DesignEurope Awards 2016. The DesignEuropa Awards seeks to recognise companies and designers that have brought outstanding design to the market with the protection of the Registered Community Design.

SCOB Architecture-Odos-One Ocean-Escofet

SCOB Architecture & Landscape, authors of Escofet, have been awarded with two FX Awards 2015: Public, Leisure or Office Furniture Award for Odos urban furniture collection “For an appealing use of a new material to produce complex shapes, maximizing fresh possibilities. It is practical and accessible with great design values and resistant to weather and sunlight” and a Global Project Award for One Ocean Marina Port Vell Barcelona project “A new interpretation of marina design with a dramatic nautical air that captures the ephemeral magic required for a singular hospitality dining experience”.

La mesa y banca Grasshopper premio Delta Opinión 2014

Grasshopper has been awarded with Public Prize for Delta Awards 2014, the prestigious international prizes to industrial design organised by the ADI-FAD. The table and bench set Grasshopper was born associated with the concept of furniture that encourages and enhances the emotional interaction between users. It becomes new elements that enrich and humanize everyday events. Grasshopper takes UHPC-Slimconcrete® technology to the limit, since allows minimum thicknesses and excellent structural.

Premio Cambra a la Gestión del Diseño 2011

Escofet 1886, a Catalonian industrial company known for its strategic commitment to the design and innovation, has been awarded with the only Spanish prize that acknowledges the excellence in design management for its strategic implementation of design. The Cambra Design Management Prize, organised since 1999 by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and BCD, will be delivered on October 19 by Miquel Valls, president of both entities, during the Barcelona Design Week 2011. 

Naguisa de Toyo Ito

Silver Delta Award 2007 to Naguisa by Toyo Ito. Naguisa is a modular serie of prefabricated concrete benches, suitable for installing in an urban environment or a large park, and wich can transform its space into a harmonious landscape. The central rib, wich is raised, is intended to be a sinuous backrest-armrest. The range allows for great liberty of use.

Parc Central de Nou Barris

Parc Central de Nou Barris receives the 2007 Urban Landscape Award for architecture, instituted by the Eurohypo, Topos, Architektur und Wohnen organizations. A project by Arriola & Fiol, arquitectes, in which Escofet has supplied the site furnishings. This award recognizes the redesign of urban spaces under criteria of sustainability and innovation. The project has been distinguished by creating an urban space and integrating it into a degraded area. It has also highlighted its relationship with the environment and the buildings built, its volumetrics, and the creation of new elements, which have made it a point of attraction for the citizen.

Delta de Plata 2005 al banco Godot de los díez

Gold Delta Award 2005 to Godot bench by los díez. Godot is a collection of prism-shaped concrete benches featuring a semicircular opening at one end to generate a tree-encircling compositions with an artificial base-pedestal. This public seating system was awarded a prize “…for its capacity to create a special territory in public areas, turning a bench tree shade combination into an intimate place”.

Delta de Oro 2001 a Lungo Mare de Enric Miralles y Benedetta Tagliabue

Gold Delta 2001 for Lungo Mare by Enric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue. Ever since its establishment over a hundred years ago, Escofet has stood out for its constant willingness to innovate. Only thus can the appearance in this catalogue of an object such as the Lungo Mare bench be understood. Made from an undulating sheet that seems to float over the ground, to wich it is attached through a series of fixtures on its underside, it creates a meeting and resting place in open public spaces

National Design Prize 1992 a Escofet 1886

National Design Prize 1992 a Escofet 1886. Looking over the Escofet company's production covering more than a century. The awards ceremony for the National Design Prizes began at 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 10 in 1992. The company Escofet 1886 S.A., received the National Design Prize in recognition of its long creative tradition and its innovative capacity with special attention being drawn to its notable position in international markets. Emili Farré-Escofet receives the certificate from His Majesty the King.

Delta de Oro 1975 al pavimento Terconar de Jordi Ros Bofarull.

Gold Delta 1975 to Terconar paving by Jordi Ros Bofarull. An industrially produced terrazzo paving that incorporates colour applications to form different patterns. The advances registered in the production technique, rather than the product itself, permit results wich had only been possible with artisan production systems in the past. The jury said: "For the importance to our public environment of these industrially produced objects. And for the imaginative development of production techniques to give this product possibilities of variation, identity and beauty until now reserved for handmade products."

Delta de Oro 1961 Pavimento Hidráulico de Antoni Gaudí

Gold Delta Award 1961 to concrete relief paving by Antoni GaudíA reedited version of the relief paving designed by Gaudí for the Batlló House in Barcelona. Made of moulded coloured concrete, the pattern in each tile makes it possible to create three different drawings on the ground depending on how it is laid out. The theme , wich incorporates organic references, does not hide the industrial character of the product – one more author’s most important incursions in this field. The Gold Delta awarded to this product was really an honorary prize.

Medalla de Oro Exposición Universal de Barcelona Escofet

Escofet’s first major public appearance took place two years after its founding at the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1888, an exhibition of prime importance for the city. The Escofet company took part in it side by side with other paving firms based on the widest variety of materials and won a gold medal. In this regard, reviews of the period stress the technical quality of Escofet’s production as well as the balance struck between the design and the use of colour in the paving tiles on show.