Buro Poppinga

Buro Poppinga - Wim Poppinga

Buro Poppinga in Amsterdam was founded by Wim Poppinga. This designer originally from the north of the Netherlands, works at the interface of product design, architecture, landscape architecture and the visual arts. Wim studied ‘Man and Public Space’ at the Design Academy Eindhoven and subsequently completed his architectural studies at The Berlage, Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design. Wim Poppinga's greatest pleasure in designing is to give new meaning to the original purpose of a certain space or product. He takes specific elements out of their context and places them in a different perspective within a new framework. Sometimes the designs are exuberant, sometimes subdued, but they always surprise and ignite curiosity. Suddenly you see the space or product from a new vantage point. ‘Designing public spaces is fascinating because it enables you to create conditions for surprising experiences and unexpected encounters. They brighten your day and can affect your life. They inspire and energize.’

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