Salvador Fàbregas

Salva Fàbregas Perucho (El Masnou 1969), has a degree in Industrial Design from the Llotja School, and another in Mechanics from La Salle School. He has specialized in project development following a productive career in street furniture design and unique, made-to-measure projects in the landscaping and community fields. His approach is based on sustainable design, in perfect harmony with his workshop-based production process. His non-strident creativity and his deep understanding of industrial processes has generated extremely strict, simple designs that embody a deep designer-client commitment, based on the premise of economy of resources and product sustainability. Output from his office has been selected for many awards including the 2005 and 2007 Delta Prizes, the 2009 Silver Delta, and several other awards and nominations for sustainability and recycling designs. In 2010, his work was selected by the Barcelona Government for its street furniture facilities, and he has been nominated for the 2011 Designpreis Deutschland.

From the outset, he has combined his creative output with regular teaching work, currently at the Elisava School, and as a guest lecturer at many seminars organized by other schools and institutions including the Agència de Residus de Catalunya. His contribution to the Escofet portfolio is the Paper-ina litter bin, a solid rectangular concrete body with a rotomolded plastic mouth, an innovative combination of different materials.

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