New Lighting Catalogue

We’re proud to launch our new Lighting Catalogue, bringing you a curated selection and new releases of street lamps, columns and beacons that help us to enjoy the other face of the city: its nightlife. The discipline of Lighting design has now become an intrinsic and essential part of the urban landscape. This Catalogue reflects this progression, recognizing architects and designers who have taken up the challenge of developing new lighting proposals.

Audiovisual Campus 22@
Barcelona, España

First Ecodesign Prize

The Alpine bench has been awarded with the First Ecodesign Prize 2019. These awards, promoted by the Catalan Ecodesign Strategy, seek to incorporate environmental criteria to achieve more sustainable, safer and less toxic products. Alpine, with an attractive and timeless design, uses friendly materials, combining Eco-Grey® or Eco-Black® recycled concrete and FSC® certified wood. It has been conceived to facilitate its reparability, thus extending its useful life.

Mesa y taburete Band de acero de Escofet_lab