Evangelical Wings of the Sagrada Familia

The construction of the Sagrada Família has reached a new milestone in terms of its height with the completion of the towers of the evangelists Saint Luke and Saint Mark.

The tops of the first two of the four planned towers are crowned by a tetramorph, a sculptural work made of carved natural stone, and two wings, approximately nine metres in length and weighing fifteen tonnes, made of polished white reinforced concrete.

R3PANOT “Rethinking the panot for the 21st century”

In 1906, Barcelona City Council ran a tender, which Escofet won, to standardise the designs of its “panots”, the paving stones that have fundamentally shaped the image of Barcelona's streets. One hundred and fifteen years later, through the BIT Habitat Foundation, it is launching a new challenge: “Rethinking the panot for the 21st century” with the aim of making it more sustainable, while keeping its iconic design intact.