We love the city

We love the city

The city is changing

We are living in a time of change in cities, where people take on greater protagonism. The new urban model is expanding, oxygenating and energizing public spaces, creating new ones with new uses, as well as encouraging interaction between people.

Bay Meadows Landing Green, San Francisco, USA.

Transforming public spaces

At Escofet we love the city. We have been promoting change and transformation in cities for over 100 years. The new challenges motivate us to continue working to design new solutions and products to foster people meeting and to fill the city with life again.

Renate Wertheim Platz, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany.

We love the city

Together with our entire team, as well as collaborating architects, designers and landscapers, we want to remain at the forefront of change and, with new solutions and products, to actively improve five areas: the lively city, the playable city, the green city, the accessible city and the sustainable city.

Superilla Sant Antoni, Barcelona, Spain.