Wide street lamp in the new lighting catalogue by escofet
27. 08. 2020

New Lighting Catalogue

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concrete and wood urban furniture for an alzheimer center
06. 08. 2020

Furnishing an Alzheimer's Treatment Center

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Alpine, Mom and Satellite finalists for the Delta 2020 Awards
23. 06. 2020

Alpine, Mom and Satellite finalists for the Delta 2020 Awards

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Sant Antoni Superblock Barcelona by Escofet
11. 06. 2020

The "Superblocks" phenomenon: Filling the streets with life

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We will soon enjoy the city again
02. 04. 2020

We will soon enjoy the city again

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05. 02. 2020

"Analogies": Dialogues between Art and Design

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Alpine Primer Premio Catalunya Ecodisseny 2019
27. 11. 2019

Alpine wins the Ecodesign 2019 Prize

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New author pavings collection, Escofet
02. 10. 2019

The skin of the city: New author pavings collection

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Concrete Highfive by Quentin Vaulot
17. 09. 2019

Promoting citizen protection in Paris

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Panot Gaudí por Escofet 1886 en Passeig de Gràcia
03. 09. 2019

The true story of Gaudí's "Panot"

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Arquitectura a medida
10. 07. 2019

Arquitectural fittings for distinctive projects

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Premio FAD para el Paseo Marítimo del Prat
20. 06. 2019

FAD Award for El Prat Seafront Promenade

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Escofet at Construmat 2019
17. 05. 2019

Nantes and Concret in the Construmat 2019

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Recycled concrete, sustainable, ECO® Concrete
26. 04. 2019

Recycled concrete, the sustainable choice

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Trébol tile in Milano Design Week 2019
12. 04. 2019

The Trébol tile travels to Milano

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Flores de escofet en Mextrópoli 2019
29. 03. 2019

Environment for astral encounters

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New products 2019 side furnishing escofet
14. 03. 2019

New Collection 2019

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Arata Isozaki architect of Palau Sant Jordi Barcelona
06. 03. 2019

Arata Isozaki awarded 2019 Pritzker Prize

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Aula K Isabel Muñoz Santa Coloma Gramenet
26. 02. 2019

Sustainable space for environmental education

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New series "Architecture Interviewed"
20. 02. 2019

New series "Architecture Interviewed"

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El Santuario de Meritxell cumple 40 años
24. 12. 2018

The Sanctuary of Meritxell celebrates its 40 years

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b720 Arquitectos presenta su exposición “Enchanting Traces”
18. 12. 2018

b720 Architects presents its exhibition "Enchanting Traces"

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Ciclo Inside Barcelona Centre Disseny
26. 11. 2018

We opened our doors to the INSIDE Cycle organized by BCD

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Singular projects, Renate Wertheim Platz
22. 11. 2018

Singular projects, building to size

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Escofet en el Light Middle East 2018
02. 10. 2018

Light Middle East 2018: Escofet in partnership with CINMAR

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Translucid concrete, material innovation and technology by Escofet
27. 09. 2018

Translucent concrete, symbiosis of light and matter

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10ª Bienal Internacional de Paisaje de Barcelona
03. 09. 2018

The International Biennial of Landscape Architecture reaches its 10th…

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Escofet New General Catalogue + Website 2018
31. 08. 2018

New website and catalogue release!

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Illuminated Soc backless benches by SCOB Arquitectes at El Masnou, Barcelona
11. 07. 2018

Generating encounters with Soc benches

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Gold Delta in Outdoor Habitat for Trébol by Gerard ArquéWide luminaire Landezine International Landscape Award LILA 2018
27. 06. 2018

Wide, awarded with a LILA 2018

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Gold Delta in Outdoor Habitat for Trébol by Gerard Arqué
20. 06. 2018

Gold Delta in Outdoor Habitat for Trébol

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Eco-Grey® new recycled and ecological concrete material 2018
04. 06. 2018

Presenting the New Eco-Grey® Collection

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Nantes 2018 Delta Awards selection
26. 04. 2018

Nantes and Trébol, finalists in the 2018 Delta Awards

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Godot backless bench at Los díez en los campos expandidos in Madrid
22. 03. 2018

Making the waiting more comfortable at the exhibition by "los díe…

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The Gaudí tile at the España Diseña exhibition in Madrid
04. 03. 2018

The Gaudí tile at the 25 years of the National Design Awards

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Anti-skates for the Banco Vela
23. 01. 2018

Anti-skates for the Banco Vela in Barcelona

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The big 5 show, Dubai.
19. 10. 2017

Our stand during The Big 5 Show at Dubai

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Domus in Denmark
20. 09. 2017

"Reading houses" in Denmark

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Domus Magazine, a bench like a house
02. 05. 2017

Domus Magazine, a street furniture project

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Raval finalist at the Design Europa Awards 2016
30. 11. 2016

Raval finalist at the Design Europa Awards 2016

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