Màrius Quintana


Màrius Quintana was born in Barcelona in 1954. In 1979, he graduated as an urban planning architect from the Barcelona School of Architecture, and worked with the Barcelona City Council's Urban Projects Service from 1982 to 1988. He was then appointed as head of the City Council's Urban Elements Service, where he worked until 1992. In the course of his career, he has received many prestigious architecture and design awards including the ADIFAD 1984 Silver Delta for his “Lamparaalta” outdoor lighting design, the FAD Prize for Ephemeral Architecture for his exhibition “EINA. 20 anys” in 1987, the FAD Prize for Public Spaces for the “Rambla Catalunya” remodelling project, the Social Service Ministry INSERSO Prize in 1991 for his improved accessibility to urban environments, and the Prince of Wales Prize in Urban Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1991.

His work has also been included in many selections and special mentions, most recently in the 2009 Ceramic Architecture Awards for the MMAMB beach “First Aid Module”. His relationship with Escofet began with his design of the Nigra seat in 1994 and has continued more recently with an evolution of this design, which emerged as the Nigra bench. In 2009, he designed the lattice- facade for the Rubí Library in conjunction with architect Pau Sierra.

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