Alexander Lotersztain

Alexander Lotersztain diseñador de producto de Escofet

Alexander Lotersztain was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1977, he graduated from Design at Griffith University QCA in 2000. He is director of Derlot Pty. Ltd., a multi-disciplinary studio focusing on   projects including product, furniture, branding, hotel design, interior design and art direction with clients both nationally and internationally. Companies include IDEE-Sputnik/Japan, Planex/Australia, SIGG/ Switzerland,  Nestle/Switzerland,  COVO/Italy, Asahi/Japan, Mizuno/ Japan UFL/New Zealand, Escofet/Spain, S&G/Australia and InAfrica   Foundation as lead design consultant. Had participated in international exhibitions with Sputnik, Designers   Block London, Tokyo, Milano, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Moscow   and of his products is part of the design Collection at the Pompidou   Museum in Paris.

Alexander was named one of 100 most influential top designer worldwide in &fork by Phaidon, top "10" most influential faces in Design by Scene Design Quarterly 2007 and top 10 of 100 Young Brightest Australian Achievers Bayer/Bulletin Award. Has won many   awards in both product and interior design and his work has appeared in design journals around the world. Alexander is also part of the "Smart State Council" for the Queensland Government in Australia, drafting the Smart State design Strategy for 2020.

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